A bit about me:

I am a South African born British nomad. Currently living in the beautiful city of New York I have moved country five times in the past 10 years. I love to travel and hate to fly. I am a single mom to two equally confused children (born in Singapore, raised in South Africa, living in NYC) and when I’m not baking I work full time in talent, marketing and brand development.

I don't know where my love of baking came from. There's no deep history of bakers within my family and come to think of it up until a few years ago I was actually considered a terrible cook. TERRIBLE! (ask my ex about 'lemon chicken') *hopefully that's not why we divorced *

However someone recently told me there is more in baking to just making lovely tasting food. Baking is a productive form of self-expression and communication and at the heart of baking for others -the very act of giving and sharing love.

If I set out to do one thing everyday it’s make someone smile. Cookies are a conversation starter, a warm introduction, a way to show someone you care and I love being able to help make other people happy.

I studied Fine Art and Illustration (as well as Psychology and History of Art) I'm a music teacher, published creative writer and illustrator, retired marathon runner (London x 4) and had my spine removed when I was 14. So you could say I’m an all round messy go getter. There is little I wont try and very little I won’t achieve if I set out to do it. Bring the ideas and I’ll make the cookies!

All our products are individually designed, custom made and when possible hand delivered.  

We've got a few screws loose but we are completely Nut Free