Hi! I'm Caroline. Head baker and artist behind For Cup Sakes

A bit about me:  

I don't know where my love of baking came from. There's no deep history of bakers within my family and come to think of it up until a few years ago I was actually considered a terrible cook (ask my ex about 'lemon chicken') *hopefully that's not why we divorced *

I do know that I love being creative! 

I studied Fine Art and Illustration at University (as well as Psychology and History of Art. *strange combination -who knows what I was thinking - 'Historical Art Therapist??' *) I'm a music teacher (I play the piano, guitar, clarinet, violin, flute and organ), published creative writer , retired marathon runner (London x 4), kid mom x2, dog mom x1 (for now) and all round workaholic- bakeaholic. 

Combining my love of food  (eating it that is), baking and art For Cup Sakes was born. Established in Singapore in 2009 we're currently based in NYC. (we're the same For Cup Sakes btw that popped up in London in 2012 and South Africa in 2013) 

Bring your ideas, we'll make the cookies.

All our products are individually designed, custom made and when possible hand delivered. 


We've got a few screws loose but we are completely Nut Free